Our client must sell his/her Kitec-affected property with Sofija's team, and buy his/her next property with us as well - and you can leave it to us to help out with all of your Kitec-related problems.


Kitec is a popular and renowned brand of plastic piping that was very commonly used for plumbing fixtures during 1995-2007. Kitec plastic piping was so special as it was affordable and able to function for both cold and hot water supplies. In its simplest form, Kitec is flexible aluminum pipes that have both an outer and an inner layer of plastic coverings. However, as many people came to notice, after some time of usage, Kitec pipes begin to weaken! The pipes continue to cause leaks and water damage on the properties they are still installed in. In 2005, after many lawsuits all over North America, Kitec piping manufacturing was eliminated, and thus it is no longer used. However, there are still many residential and commercial properties with old Kitec plumbing; if these properties do not replace their piping soon, they too could experience leaks and water damage.  


If you still have Kitec plumbing in your home or business we highly recommend removing and replacing it as soon as possible – the fitting and piping condition only continue to worsen over time. The best long-term solution for people who’s properties still have Kitec plumbing is to replace the Kitec with copper piping. Pipe replacement will require access around the home or building and behind the walls, but residents can stay in their home during a residential Kitec replacement project.